How to make pancakes from scratch I don’t know about you but when I think of pancakes, I think of Bisquick or some other premade, premixed batter situation. I’m not here to judge such concoctions, they were quite good growing up in my parent’s kitchen. But on this day I wanted something homemade, something to stick to my sides. Something I […]

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Chilies Rellenos

Nāsriganj I’m constantly inspired to start new projects. Poor Dustin doesn’t even blink when I get out the drop cloth and begin randomly staining 16 wooden planks in the middle of our kitchen. He’s so logical and his career has been so linear. I love that about him but I don’t mind telling you I don’t […]

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Orange and fennel salad (and weapons of mass destruction) Generally speaking, anytime you find your dinner splattered on the walls, under the lamp shade and down your shirt you can bet there was something wrong with the recipe. But before you start pointing fingers, just know that I was something like 20 years old when I used fennel for the first time. Not knowing […]

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Pasta with tomato jam

Itupiranga I’ve got a secret, folks, and it’s born from the kind of raw emotion that divides nations, ruins presidential campaigns, sabotages relationships. I hate to admit it but my secret burns even hotter than John Edwards in a hotel room … and even though it’s so, so wrong, I hope you’ll understand. Selfishness, greed, power. […]

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Roasted smashed potatoes

Say what you will … yes I am that girl with the messy hair and the half-wrinkled shirt who is often thinking four steps ahead without remembering to wear cute shoes. But when it comes to cooking, I’ve got priorities. It’s late over here – or should I say really early – and that’s a […]

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Margarita Cookies

A savory cook doesn’t like to measure. Prides herself on creativity, spontaneity, judging temperature by sound, flavor by taste. A pastry cook prides herself on accuracy, on regiment. She is patient and organized and finds big reward in tiny little measuring spoons. For a long time I couldn’t identify with the latter … until last […]

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Red Cabbage with Citrus Sesame Dressing

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Maybe I write because it’s impossible to be what I’m not when my words are marching across the screen, crossing their arms like a pissed off teenager and demanding the truth. I write, I guess, ’cause it feels honest. I imagine, in a cross universe of vegetables, that’s how red cabbage feels. Humble in presentation […]

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How to sear scallops with orange reduction [VIDEO]

If there were something like the culinary Olympics, I’d enter in the category of scallops. For whatever reason, they’re one of my favorite things to make – and so I thought I’d share with you a little scallop technique on this fine December day.

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A Different Kind of Mashed Potatoes

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I have to apologize up front for the lack of lighthearted posts around here. During this time of year I’m usually singing Dolly Parton Christmas songs and looking for inconspicuous places to hang mistletoe. (Surprise! Now you have to kiss me!) With my aunt in the hospital over the last few weeks, and with her […]

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Family Secret Recipe for Baklava

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It’s one thing to offer a recipe I suppose … but it’s a far different thing to offer one that’s so deeply ingrained in the culture of a family. This recipe is sweet and crunchy, sticky and warm. Over time it’s developed a cult-like following: in the family, in the neighborhood, at places of work, […]

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