Sticky Asian Chicken Wings [VIDEO]

order isotretinoin online forum As it would happen, I love telling stories. Lucky for me, so does my friend, local film director Michael Holder. “What the heck,” we said one evening when we’d had a glass or two or three of wine. Why not do more of what Epi-Ventures already does … and tell stories about food through video? […]

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Collecting things: Classic Chicken Piccata

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I used to collect stamps. Okay – I wanted to collect stamps. But one birthday gift and a stamp set later, I realized I had no patience for stamps at all. I switched to coins. As it turns out, I did not care for those much either. I was searching for something to curate. For […]

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Green eggs and ham

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Why? Because, damn it, I’m starting to notice gray streaks of hair on my head and laugh lines on my face. Because I say things like “15 years ago…” and because sometimes I hold up an article of clothing from my closet and think it’s better suited for a small, prepubescent child. ["Is that a […]

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On reclaiming my life (and pulled pork eggs benedict)

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The weather is cool. My pajama pants are flannel. And the cookbook is finally done. [Picture this: a tall stack of papers with so much red pen, you'd think I took a blow to the head.] Oh reader, I wish you could know what this means for me: actual conversations with my husband, swept floors, […]

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North Carolina Pulled Pork

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A kid pushed my nephew down on the playground yesterday. He took it like a little man. Turning on his heel this a.m. to head back out in the dangerous, murky underworld known as kindergarten. What this little bully strike again? Push him down into the sandbox? No one knew. This lesson is called “how […]

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In Praise of Glazed Vegetables

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There is a simple formula for perfectly glazed carrots (or any other root vegetable for that matter) and it involves four simple steps. Isn’t that comforting? I wish there were a recipe for life remotely as accountable. I wish I could consult a book when I didn’t know which which pants to wear in the […]

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A Day in Advertising. Plus, Some Delicious Brussels Sprouts.

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At work, my cubicle wall is lined with stressballs. They come from my pal Dave, who offers them when I start hyperventilating from some sort of deadline. Dave, who once gave his hair to Locks of Love, is very zen and claims he’s never screamed because his mouth is too small. Our video editor shouts […]

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What Matters: Hasselback Potatoes

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Hasselback Potatoes I’m good at big moments. I guess it’s because they’re big. Your performance during the big moments matters most, right? It’s the 2-inch steak on the grill—during those 30 seconds between rare and medium rare. It’s the souffle, just when it comes out of the oven—and right before it deflates. Or, on second […]

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Are You Boring in the Kitchen? Chicken Drummies with Balsamic Glaze

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Chicken Drumsticks with Balsamic Glaze Bad habits die hard. Are you still making chicken casserole every time 7 pm rolls around? Or are you an adventurer –– constantly looking for new ways to make a statement on the plate? No matter who you are, it’s time to meet chicken with balsamic glaze — infused with […]

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Taking Pictures: New Potatoes and Spinach

new potato recipe

These new potatoes are really quite handsome. I figure, if I were just a half-a-nut crazier, I’d have them made into 2 x 3 photos and stuffed into my wallet. While new parents pass around photographs of their new babies, I’ll just get out my plastic sleeve of new potatoes. I’m not above that kind […]

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