Culinary School: I Must Be Crazy

Tsiroanomandidy January 5, 2010

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My interest in cooking started innocently. I wanted to prepare simple suppers for my immediate family. But then my interest evolved into a focused, almost obsessive drive to make the best, most technically sound food I could.

Prepping Sunday dinner looks pretty much like this picture every week. (I can’t bare to have people plate their own food … much too perfectionist!)

This was a 3 course meal — bitter green vegetable tart, a shrimp salad with mango and autumn coleslaw and beef tenderloin with blue cheese cream and demi glace sauce. (An attempt to cook an earlier lunch I had catered by Jean-Robert de Cavel.

I still have a lot to learn and can’t wait for culinary school to start in February.

Won’t you join me in the pain and reward?

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