Nectar Restaurant’s Julie Francis Speaks Out

March 30, 2010

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She’s not just the locavore wonder chef of Nectar, one of Cincinnati’s top restaurants, she’s also the owner. Julie Francis takes a moment to talk cooking, managing her top-ten Mt. Lookout restaurant and what drives her to work every day.

harmonically On her culinary syle:

“I use seasonal, local, traditional techniques that are not overly complicated. I try to balance and/or complement the different flavors in every dish.”

buy oral prednisone On her creative process:

“I start by thinking about how ingredients are best prepared — roasted, sautéed, raw, etc. It’s mostly about flavor combinations and what tastes good together. Then I think about what I can add to finish the dish — whether it’s a condiment, spice or a garnish. It’s essential to consider the most successful way in which the kitchen can handle each creation — the food has to come out with consistency.”

On how she manages her restaurant:

“I try to keep things simple. I focus on the food. I have a frugal side too, I’m always thinking about cost, waste, and the value of things that I purchased. I try to treat employees and customers with respect and show my appreciation.”

On her staff at Nectar:

“I am lucky to have a great staff. They are all dependable and enjoy what they’re doing. I don’t have to worry about who will show up, or what kind of job they will do. They allow me to continue to be creative, and spend time on what I love doing which is creating the food.”

On what it takes to run a successful restaurant:

“It’s exciting to create new dishes and use new ingredients. The creative process of cooking is still my favorite part of the experience. The other part of owning a restaurant is teaches you discipline. It is hard physical work with long hours and it requires many different mental tasks like accounting, public relations and managing employees. I really feel like I have accomplished something special here at Nectar. I love it.”

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