Orange and fennel salad (and weapons of mass destruction) Generally speaking, anytime you find your dinner splattered on the walls, under the lamp shade and down your shirt you can bet there was something wrong with the recipe. But before you start pointing fingers, just know that I was something like 20 years old when I used fennel for the first time. Not knowing […]

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Pasta with tomato jam

Acilia-Castel Fusano-Ostia Antica I’ve got a secret, folks, and it’s born from the kind of raw emotion that divides nations, ruins presidential campaigns, sabotages relationships. I hate to admit it but my secret burns even hotter than John Edwards in a hotel room … and even though it’s so, so wrong, I hope you’ll understand. Selfishness, greed, power. […]

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Roasted smashed potatoes

intuitively Say what you will … yes I am that girl with the messy hair and the half-wrinkled shirt who is often thinking four steps ahead without remembering to wear cute shoes. But when it comes to cooking, I’ve got priorities. It’s late over here – or should I say really early – and that’s a […]

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Margarita Cookies

Kitama A savory cook doesn’t like to measure. Prides herself on creativity, spontaneity, judging temperature by sound, flavor by taste. A pastry cook prides herself on accuracy, on regiment. She is patient and organized and finds big reward in tiny little measuring spoons. For a long time I couldn’t identify with the latter … until last […]

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Cincinnati Deconstructed: Molly Wellmann [VIDEO]

accordingly You may already know her as the heavily inked, bombshell mixologist at Japp’s – re-energizing Over-the-Rhine with every stir, shake and pour. But Molly Wellmann is more than a local celebrity … and she’s way more than tattoos and ‘tude. Get to know her here, in the pilot episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed – filmed and directed […]

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5 Minutes with Cincinnati Enquirer Food Writer, Polly Campbell

You have one day left to live. Where do you eat tonight? Well, not in a restaurant, that’s for sure. I’d be with my family and I would hope someone I love would cook me something. I’ve never been a sheer sensation-seeker; my peak food experiences have always been about the context in which I’m […]

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Red Cabbage with Citrus Sesame Dressing

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Maybe I write because it’s impossible to be what I’m not when my words are marching across the screen, crossing their arms like a pissed off teenager and demanding the truth. I write, I guess, ’cause it feels honest. I imagine, in a cross universe of vegetables, that’s how red cabbage feels. Humble in presentation […]

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Chef Jose Salazar is Blowing Up, Plus Win a Meal at The Palace

Think you know Cincinnati chefs? Chances are you don’t know Jose Salazar – recently voted “People’s Best New Chef: Great Lakes” by way of I spent some time with him in his award-winning kitchen at The Palace (in the Cincinnatian Hotel) where he’s carefully and methodically building his empire. Now, ready to win $50 […]

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Not sure why

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One of my favorite memories is of spilling chocolate sauce all over my chef’s coat last year. I was working at Nectar as a cook – for free – with no clue why. I guess you could say I was a little lost, though at the time I felt inspired, confident that if I kept […]

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How to sear scallops with orange reduction [VIDEO]

If there were something like the culinary Olympics, I’d enter in the category of scallops. For whatever reason, they’re one of my favorite things to make – and so I thought I’d share with you a little scallop technique on this fine December day.

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