A Different Kind of Mashed Potatoes

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http://beccajcampbell.com/tag/psychometrics/ I have to apologize up front for the lack of lighthearted posts around here. During this time of year I’m usually singing Dolly Parton Christmas songs and looking for inconspicuous places to hang mistletoe. (Surprise! Now you have to kiss me!) With my aunt in the hospital over the last few weeks, and with her […]

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Family Secret Recipe for Baklava

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order disulfiram online canada It’s one thing to offer a recipe I suppose … but it’s a far different thing to offer one that’s so deeply ingrained in the culture of a family. This recipe is sweet and crunchy, sticky and warm. Over time it’s developed a cult-like following: in the family, in the neighborhood, at places of work, […]

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Sticky Asian Chicken Wings [VIDEO]

As it would happen, I love telling stories. Lucky for me, so does my friend, local film director Michael Holder. “What the heck,” we said one evening when we’d had a glass or two or three of wine. Why not do more of what Epi-Ventures already does … and tell stories about food through video? […]

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Video Coming to Epiventures: A Teaser

I want to announce something exciting – something I’ve been waiting to share for a few weeks. (Imagine! A few weeks without spilling the beans!) A friend and I are teaming up to bring a new dimension to Epi-Ventures, which by now you can probably guess is video. Our hope is that through this new […]

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Home Cooking at Amma’s Kitchen

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On a street in Roselawn with little more than potholes and disjointed fast food dives comes an establishment that feels distinctly warm and neighborly. Saris draped over shoulders. Families of three and four passing plates over tall glasses of water. Waiters with big, toothy grins. And one of the most talked about all-vegetarian buffets in […]

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Extended Stay: Enoteca Emilia

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From the outside, it’s glowing. Like a hearth in some old-world Italian villa. Low lights reflect off orange and brown surfaces. Lots of wood. A little leather. It’s also humming. Low chatters cut by strings of laughter. I go through the door and confront a cluster of people waiting for a table. The mood is […]

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This Year

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It’s the first time I can remember waking up without a schedule. In celebration I light a pumpkin candle. I make coffee in my favorite mug. My roommate from college gave it to me and it says, “Do something creative every day.” She was always so smart. By the way, this is the finished book […]

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Collecting things: Classic Chicken Piccata

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I used to collect stamps. Okay – I wanted to collect stamps. But one birthday gift and a stamp set later, I realized I had no patience for stamps at all. I switched to coins. As it turns out, I did not care for those much either. I was searching for something to curate. For […]

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Local 127: Back and gunning for glory

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Two years ago, key staff at Local 127 charged in from Las Vegas and settled into the legendary Pigall’s restaurant space. But late in 2010, the bar closed to the public. Soon after, it seemed like the restaurant might, too. Turns out the closing was a simple – yet brilliant – location change. Say what […]

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Green eggs and ham

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Why? Because, damn it, I’m starting to notice gray streaks of hair on my head and laugh lines on my face. Because I say things like “15 years ago…” and because sometimes I hold up an article of clothing from my closet and think it’s better suited for a small, prepubescent child. ["Is that a […]

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