Chilies Rellenos

I’m constantly inspired to start new projects. Poor Dustin doesn’t even blink when I get out the drop cloth and begin randomly staining 16 wooden planks in the middle of our kitchen. He’s so logical and his career has been so linear. I love that about him but I don’t mind telling you I don’t […]

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The Secret to Perfection: Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

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It’s an incredible thing: to write and to be read. All writers must anticipate that 1) no one will read what they’ve written and 2) that anyone and their mother could read it. This curious combination makes for strange contemplations when beginning a blog post that could reach as near as the front porch and […]

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Impressive Appetizer: Parmesan Crackers

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I suppose I don’t need to tell you that cheese and crackers are a delicious combination. Remember being a messy-faced, barefoot kid eating Ritz and Kraft singles? Well how about this: shaved parmesan cheese is already a delicious cracker. A light, salty, crunchy cracker that’s perfect with soups and salads and beyond perfect when stuffed […]

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Balsamic Fig Jam and the Greatest Antipasti Ever

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Every Sunday evening, I head to my parent’s house and cook a big dinner for the family. Lately, I’ve been starting every meal with a platter of assorted cheese — good ones like Gruyere, Taleggio and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. I love to pair cheese with condiments and small bites. I usually set down some combination […]

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