French toast with orange and honey

When I was working as an apprentice at Nectar Restaurant, I often took the Sunday brunch shift. I wasn’t allowed to do much beyond vegetable prep, but this French toast recipe was right in my wheelhouse. I’d jerk into action when an order came through the window: slice the bread, soak it in egg batter, […]

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How to make pancakes from scratch

I don’t know about you but when I think of pancakes, I think of Bisquick or some other premade, premixed batter situation. I’m not here to judge such concoctions, they were quite good growing up in my parent’s kitchen. But on this day I wanted something homemade, something to stick to my sides. Something I […]

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Green eggs and ham

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Why? Because, damn it, I’m starting to notice gray streaks of hair on my head and laugh lines on my face. Because I say things like “15 years ago…” and because sometimes I hold up an article of clothing from my closet and think it’s better suited for a small, prepubescent child. ["Is that a […]

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Best. Breakfast. Sandwich. Period.

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I’m just a German girl who pretends I’m Italian most of the time, but right now I’m all French. I’m listening to Eartha Kitt sing “C’est si bon” while fantasizing about my breakfast this morning at Annabel’s. If you haven’t been there, close your eyes and imagine a small, french cafe in Paris. Scrummy little […]

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