A Hearty Thanks

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We have to talk. I’ve been away from Epi-Ventures a lot lately but I can assure you that it hasn’t been in vain. I’ve been collecting stories, you see, and in the process I’ve been eating and cooking and generally enjoying the heck out of myself. This little blog-that-could has turned things upside down on […]

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Interview with Chef Todd Kelly of Orchids at Palm Court

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You could argue — pretty convincingly — that TODD KELLY is exactly like you. He likes to guzzle a cold brewsky and he makes pizza at home with his kids. Hell, he even stresses about whether or not his lawnmower needs oil. As it turns out, he’s an every day, quintessential, dime-a-dozen Joe. Except for […]

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Love is in the Air at Biagio’s Bistro

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Biagio Lamassa, are you making a pass at me? With the low lighting and the opera music in the background, it sure seems like you are. Plus, you’ve gone to great lengths to make the room feel pretty intimate — tables are tucked into nooks, warm mustard walls are decorated with artwork. What exactly are […]

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The Skinny Cookie from Busken Bakery

Are you on a diet? So is Busken’s famous yellow smiley cookie. They’re calling it the “Skinny Cookie” and while it’s the same weight as the original, it has 42% less fat and 18% fewer calories.

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Take The Cake, Take Me Away

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The January weather seemed like it had finally sunk its teeth in me. With a deep chill in my bones and under a grey sky, I followed the wet pavement and drizzling rain into one of the most talked about brunches in Cincinnati — Take the Cake. Immediately, the icicles on my skin began to […]

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The Mouthwatering Taste of Belgium

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God bless, Jean-Francois Flechet, master of the Belgian waffle! I braved the cold on Saturday morning to sample his Liège waffle from Taste of Belgium at Findlay Market. I popped a piece in my mouth and the rest is history. Before I could think twice, I was scrambling to fork over 12 bucks for a […]

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Local 127 Chef’s Table

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Last week I had the good fortune of sitting at the chef’s table at Local 127 with my husband, thanks to a blog recommendation from Cincinnati Nomerati. Clearly, this is a placed that is blogged about a lot, but I just had to weigh in with some thoughts and pictures from our legendary 4 hour […]

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Mayberry Opens Doors for Dinner in Cincinnati

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You don’t have wear the latest Manolo Blahniks to be hip anymore — just buy, cook and eat locally. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. And so is Josh Campbell, head chef at Mayberry, one of Cincinnati’s newest and most talked about restaurants. And he’s also always rotating his menu according to what’s […]

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Confessions of a Terry’s Turf Club Junkie

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The neon signs overhead are blinding and I am in serious danger of being trampled by a horde of incoming customers. So why am I so excited? Because my husband and I just gave our name to the hostess at Terry’s Turf Club and I know that no matter what abuse I may be about […]

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Holidays, Here and There

Holidays bring all of your loved ones together in one room. But what happens when they don’t all fit in one room?

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