Boxed Meal Tips for the Diet Inclined

Dieting is hard but here are some tips to survive boxed meals without losing your mind.

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Resolutions Be Damned: Double-Fried French Fries

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Yeah, yeah — it’s January and we’ve all forsaken carbs for cardio. But on freezing days like today, I crave food with warmth and comfort. A couple of simple updates to an old french fries recipe transforms the humble potato into soul-satisfying food with flare.

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Culinary School: I Must Be Crazy

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My interest in cooking started innocently. I wanted to prepare simple suppers for my immediate family. But then my interest evolved into a focused, almost obsessive drive to make the best, most technically sound food I could. Prepping Sunday dinner looks pretty much like this picture every week. (I can’t bare to have people plate […]

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My Foray into European Style Dining

Last night I turned dinner into a deliberately slow, late-night 3 course meal. No schedule, no timing. I just decided that in between courses I would prepare the next one. We’d pull up our stools to the counter and eat right in the kitchen. Slow and easy.

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The Cold Water Spigot

What makes up a great working kitchen? I actually bought my house in Columbia Tusculum from the General Manager of BOCA, and as you might suspect, he hooked me up with a pretty sweet kitchen.

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A Gourmet Christmas

My holiday was a marathon of absolutely delicious meals starting on Christmas Eve and ending Christmas night.

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Holidays Wish List Part ll: Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are a gourmet cook or you need to shop for one this holiday season, you can never go wrong with kitchen gadgets. This is a list of my favorite 10 kitchen gadgets in 2009.

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Holiday Wish List Part I: Gourmet Ingredients

Top ten holiday gift guide for gourmets and foodies in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Holidays, Here and There

Holidays bring all of your loved ones together in one room. But what happens when they don’t all fit in one room?

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Pork’s Image Problem

Why the way you cook pork might be all wrong. And an asian style marinade that you won’t forget.

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