Give me some s’mores

Last week I had lunch with a dear friend who was eating a slice of pizza and I wanted to poke his eyeballs out. For a dieter, eating with a non-dieter can be very tumultuous. Oh yes, you might be saying, everything in moderation! And it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle! But life is […]

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Margarita Cookies

A savory cook doesn’t like to measure. Prides herself on creativity, spontaneity, judging temperature by sound, flavor by taste. A pastry cook prides herself on accuracy, on regiment. She is patient and organized and finds big reward in tiny little measuring spoons. For a long time I couldn’t identify with the latter … until last […]

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Family Secret Recipe for Baklava

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It’s one thing to offer a recipe I suppose … but it’s a far different thing to offer one that’s so deeply ingrained in the culture of a family. This recipe is sweet and crunchy, sticky and warm. Over time it’s developed a cult-like following: in the family, in the neighborhood, at places of work, […]

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Hot Fudge Sauce

hot fudge sauce recipe

Given that I’m headed to Mexico in three weeks and am completely gripped by the horror of January vanity, I can’t believe I’m writing about hot fudge sauce. But you and I both know that birthdays aren’t birthdays without a sugar-drip hooked into your veins, and so for my mom’s celebration I selflessly sacrificed the […]

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Feeling Fancy at JeanRo Bistro

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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you’re about to read another blog post about JeanRo Bistro — see more photos of its interior, maybe get a few shots of the food. Okay, so maybe you’re right. But there’s a reason I’m taking you with me on this trodden trail. Honest.

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