Matter of Fact about Ko-Sho Japanese Restaurant

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Jalajala Waitresses dressed in tapered black jeans mosey across bamboo floors, their Converse shoes leading the way. We sit by the window and outside the glass, an equally laid-back couple parks their car on the street and heads for Ko-Sho’s front door. We’re in Northside, a vibrant neighborhood made more vibrant by a restaurant that was […]

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Dusmesh Indian Restaurant

Thumbnail image for Dusmesh Indian Restaurant It’s generally a good idea to listen to the advice of others. If I had not listened to my sister in high school, I might still be curling my bangs under and wearing a side pony tail. Of course, the trick is to be able to tell good advice from bad advice. Fortunately, when it […]

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New Restaurant: Vout Brings it Home

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There’s jazz and then there’s Slim Gaillard’s jazz. It’s one thing to combine offbeat notes and surprising syncopation but it’s a whole different thing to replace lyrics with nonsense syllables and gibberish sounding spats from an entirely made up language. But that’s just what Slim Gaillard did — he invented a completely new urban dictionary […]

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Take The Cake, Take Me Away

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The January weather seemed like it had finally sunk its teeth in me. With a deep chill in my bones and under a grey sky, I followed the wet pavement and drizzling rain into one of the most talked about brunches in Cincinnati — Take the Cake. Immediately, the icicles on my skin began to […]

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Like A Bee to Honey

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Imagine you have a friend who is soft spoken. Though she speaks in whispers, there’s something about her that is confident, bold and unexpected. Her creativity and flare for the unique is what attracted you to her but it’s her solidarity (her consistency and her loyalty) that keeps you calling. Now imagine that these characteristics […]

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