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Cincinnati Deconstructed: Owen Maass [VIDEO]

At Cumin in Hyde Park, Executive Chef Owen Maass is churning out some of Cincinnati’s most impressive, eclectic food. Behind the scenes, he’s driven. Articulate. Funny. Exactly who he says he is – no matter what. Lucky for us, Cumin owner Alex Mchaikhi is opening a sibling restaurant next door (called M), and Owen will be Executive chef there too, featuring a rustic, wood-fired menu. See his story in our third episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed, filmed by Michael Holder and produced by yours truly.

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Premiere Cincinnati Food Event: 1 Night, 12 Kitchens

After passing the head chef at Cumin in the hallway, I notice a mob of people up ahead. They are surrounding Jean-Robert de Cavel who is dutifully shaking hands and smiling. From behind, I hear the rolling wheels of a rickety cart approaching. It’s Nectar’s Julie Francis and she’s moving a bunch of sheet trays […]

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