Roasted smashed potatoes

Say what you will … yes I am that girl with the messy hair and the half-wrinkled shirt who is often thinking four steps ahead without remembering to wear cute shoes. But when it comes to cooking, I’ve got priorities. It’s late over here – or should I say really early – and that’s a […]

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A Different Kind of Mashed Potatoes

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I have to apologize up front for the lack of lighthearted posts around here. During this time of year I’m usually singing Dolly Parton Christmas songs and looking for inconspicuous places to hang mistletoe. (Surprise! Now you have to kiss me!) With my aunt in the hospital over the last few weeks, and with her […]

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What Matters: Hasselback Potatoes

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Hasselback Potatoes I’m good at big moments. I guess it’s because they’re big. Your performance during the big moments matters most, right? It’s the 2-inch steak on the grill—during those 30 seconds between rare and medium rare. It’s the souffle, just when it comes out of the oven—and right before it deflates. Or, on second […]

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Taking Pictures: New Potatoes and Spinach

new potato recipe

These new potatoes are really quite handsome. I figure, if I were just a half-a-nut crazier, I’d have them made into 2 x 3 photos and stuffed into my wallet. While new parents pass around photographs of their new babies, I’ll just get out my plastic sleeve of new potatoes. I’m not above that kind […]

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Tasty Throwback: Dijon Roasted Potatoes

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There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must reassess her life — or in some cases — her pantry. Two bottles of pomegranate molasses? A jar of lychees? I may have an eccentric love of ingredients but even I think four kinds of kosher salt is overkill. The days when I imagined […]

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