Home Cooking at Amma’s Kitchen

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Altos On a street in Roselawn with little more than potholes and disjointed fast food dives comes an establishment that feels distinctly warm and neighborly. Saris draped over shoulders. Families of three and four passing plates over tall glasses of water. Waiters with big, toothy grins. And one of the most talked about all-vegetarian buffets in […]

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Extended Stay: Enoteca Emilia

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Sibbo From the outside, it’s glowing. Like a hearth in some old-world Italian villa. Low lights reflect off orange and brown surfaces. Lots of wood. A little leather. It’s also humming. Low chatters cut by strings of laughter. I go through the door and confront a cluster of people waiting for a table. The mood is […]

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Local 127: Back and gunning for glory

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Two years ago, key staff at Local 127 charged in from Las Vegas and settled into the legendary Pigall’s restaurant space. But late in 2010, the bar closed to the public. Soon after, it seemed like the restaurant might, too. Turns out the closing was a simple – yet brilliant – location change. Say what […]

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The Napa Valley Heartbreak

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My sister is 5’2″ and just about 100 pounds. But when it comes to pancakes at Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc, she will crush you. Which is to say, you may be able to lift her with your left leg, but she will shame you in one of the country’s best restaurants. My family eats when […]

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Notes on La Poste From an Afflicted Diner

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My dinner companion was white knuckling his fork. I was nervous. Would he use it as a dart and send it sailing towards the man at the bar? Or would he simply choose to swallow it –– muffling the blistering comments we both knew to be on the tip of his tongue? The scene? La […]

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Maribelle and her Tavern

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You seem like the kind of person who likes food. I’m relieved. If you’d landed here for fashion tips we’d both be sorely out of luck. I like food, too, and lately I’m liking it more and more at my kitchen table or sprawled out in front of my TV. Its cheaper there, for one, […]

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Hidden Gem: La Petite France Restaurant

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LA PETITE FRANCE IS BY no means a new restaurant; for over 25 years it’s been plunked in an Evendale strip mall in a building that was once a commercial Pizza Hut. But over time, chef and owner Daniele Crandall has transformed the space into a fine-dining Parisian getaway. Portraits of France hug exposed brick […]

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Matter of Fact about Ko-Sho Japanese Restaurant

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Waitresses dressed in tapered black jeans mosey across bamboo floors, their Converse shoes leading the way. We sit by the window and outside the glass, an equally laid-back couple parks their car on the street and heads for Ko-Sho’s front door. We’re in Northside, a vibrant neighborhood made more vibrant by a restaurant that was […]

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Authentic Mexican at the Downtown Taqueria Mercado

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My waiter has the nicest smile I’ve ever seen; his teeth almost blind me. He doesn’t seem to know much English and though I’m trying earnestly to order the “very best thing” on the menu, all I’m getting are up-and-down nods and those big, white pearls. I’ve heard Taqueria Mercado offers authentic Mexican grub and […]

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Dizzy Spell: Aroma Restaurant and Sushi

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I understand the sea of black outfitted servers — all 12 of them who are looming over each table in Aroma like overanxious teenage boys on prom night. Because the restaurant is new, and with talent like Romy Jung back in the kitchen, big things could happen. Still, I’m not quite sure I need another […]

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