Cincinnati Deconstructed: Molly Wellmann [VIDEO]

You may already know her as the heavily inked, bombshell mixologist at Japp’s – re-energizing Over-the-Rhine with every stir, shake and pour. But Molly Wellmann is more than a local celebrity … and she’s way more than tattoos and ‘tude. Get to know her here, in the pilot episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed – filmed and directed […]

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How to sear scallops with orange reduction [VIDEO]

If there were something like the culinary Olympics, I’d enter in the category of scallops. For whatever reason, they’re one of my favorite things to make – and so I thought I’d share with you a little scallop technique on this fine December day.

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Sticky Asian Chicken Wings [VIDEO]

As it would happen, I love telling stories. Lucky for me, so does my friend, local film director Michael Holder. “What the heck,” we said one evening when we’d had a glass or two or three of wine. Why not do more of what Epi-Ventures already does … and tell stories about food through video? […]

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Video Coming to Epiventures: A Teaser

I want to announce something exciting – something I’ve been waiting to share for a few weeks. (Imagine! A few weeks without spilling the beans!) A friend and I are teaming up to bring a new dimension to Epi-Ventures, which by now you can probably guess is video. Our hope is that through this new […]

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