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Saraktash January 30, 2010

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It’s a cold, sunny afternoon in Cincinnati and my fridge is stocked with a little more gourmet fire power than usual: leftover “Chicken Two Ways” from dinner with new friends at Local 127 last night.

Which means that today’s lunch is a perfectly browned, incredibly moist chicken breast on top of a shredded chicken mixture with rice, crunchy nuts, and buttery brussels sprouts.

Just how the boys back in the kitchen achieve this masterful crispy chicken skin, I may never know. Chef Geddes says that it has to do with a pan that’s not too hot.

“Put the chicken in the pan, skin side down,” he says. “Cook it almost all the way through and then flip it.”

Oh, Chef. If only it were that easy.

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Jen February 1, 2010 at 7:52 pm

I was curious about Local 127 so I googled some other reviews and they were underwhelming. What do you think of this review and the description of the chef?

Particularly this quote caught my eye (because it insinuates that the Relish Group brought him here, vs. your information that he chose Cincinnati for our location)–

The idea that “farm to table” cooking is new to Cincinnati, and that the Relish Group brought a chef in from Vegas to enlighten Cincinnati is laughable.


As I said, I haven’t been to Local 127, but I am curious.


Courtney February 1, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Hi Jen — Well, you read my post so you know that I’m a fan of Local 127 and Steven Geddes. I never get a pretentious feeling from being there — quite the opposite. I have always found Geddes to be warm and have been impressed by his efforts to greet as many people in the dining room as possible. That being said, I read Julie’s blog and respect her opinion a lot … clearly we’ve just had different experiences here. We do agree on one thing though — farm to table food isn’t new to Cincinnati. The food at Local 127 may not be revolutionary in terms of local origin, but it’s local nonetheless, and that’s always a good thing. And every time I’ve been there, it has exceeded my expectations.


Jen February 2, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Well, I am not dissuaded from trying it out! I think it’s worth a shot! Thanks.


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