Cincinnati Deconstructed

is it ok to buy isotretinoin online Cincinnati Deconstructed is an original video series profiling the people behind the food and dining scene in Cincinnati. Learn more about the series here.

Cincinnati Deconstructed: Karen Kahle [VIDEO]

As resource development director at Findlay Market, Karen Kahle has one of the biggest and most influential roles (and voices) in the world of Cincinnati food. Get to know her here, see why she’s so passionate about public markets – and discover why Findlay Market is at such an important crossroads. It’s all here in […]

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Cincinnati Deconstructed: Owen Maass [VIDEO]

At Cumin in Hyde Park, Executive Chef Owen Maass is churning out some of Cincinnati’s most impressive, eclectic food. Behind the scenes, he’s driven. Articulate. Funny. Exactly who he says he is – no matter what. Lucky for us, Cumin owner Alex Mchaikhi is opening a sibling restaurant next door (called M), and Owen will be Executive chef there too, featuring a rustic, wood-fired menu. See his story in our third episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed, filmed by Michael Holder and produced by yours truly.

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Cincinnati Deconstructed: Jean-Francois Flechet [VIDEO]

He’s Jean-François Flechet: smart, careful, decisive. And he’s the driving force behind one of Cincinnati’s best new restaurants: Taste of Belgium in Over-the-Rhine. So how did he create a cult-like following for his Belgian waffles? Seduce the city with his secret recipe? Find out here in the second episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed – filmed and […]

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Cincinnati Deconstructed: Molly Wellmann [VIDEO]

You may already know her as the heavily inked, bombshell mixologist at Japp’s – re-energizing Over-the-Rhine with every stir, shake and pour. But Molly Wellmann is more than a local celebrity … and she’s way more than tattoos and ‘tude. Get to know her here, in the pilot episode of Cincinnati Deconstructed – filmed and directed […]

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How to sear scallops with orange reduction [VIDEO]

If there were something like the culinary Olympics, I’d enter in the category of scallops. For whatever reason, they’re one of my favorite things to make – and so I thought I’d share with you a little scallop technique on this fine December day.

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Sticky Asian Chicken Wings [VIDEO]

As it would happen, I love telling stories. Lucky for me, so does my friend, local film director Michael Holder. “What the heck,” we said one evening when we’d had a glass or two or three of wine. Why not do more of what Epi-Ventures already does … and tell stories about food through video? […]

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Video Coming to Epiventures: A Teaser

I want to announce something exciting – something I’ve been waiting to share for a few weeks. (Imagine! A few weeks without spilling the beans!) A friend and I are teaming up to bring a new dimension to Epi-Ventures, which by now you can probably guess is video. Our hope is that through this new […]

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